Wall Street Nacka 2019

In the summer of 2019, we did one of the biggest productions we have done, Wall Street Nacka. We have had the honor to work with 17 artists, 17 assistants and 9 summer jobs to produce 17 murals in Nacka over the course of 15 days. Thanks to everyone who has been involved, extra thanks to Highlights, Ramirent Nacka, Urban Deli, Quality Hotel Nacka and everyone who has been involved to create this together with us!

The festival has received a lot of attention and has led to a lot of criticism, and created an interesting and useful debate about the role of public art and what the process looks like. For us, it has been a real journey, achievement and a tremendous educational experience.

We are incredibly proud of the artworks that have been produced, and all of those who have contributed, from helping us sort thousands of spray cans of paint, to painting thousands of square meters of gray concrete all over Nacka.

Go out to Nacka and see the artworks in reality, as they should be experienced. Talk to other passersby about the works, and take a moment and feel inside you. We do this during every production we do, and are a big part of why we do this. These meetings we get to experience in our work mean so much to us and we really want to share this!

You can find more info & map

Big UP all artists and team!

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