Finding Home

We were contacted by Tobin Properties to create the first ever mural in Sundbyberg right outside of Stockholm City. We pitched Julia Rio, and they fell in love with her South American inspired style and her concept “Finding Home”. Also funny that that the property is called Rio Sundbyberg, and right of the start we knew that Julia Rio was the right person for the job. At 27 meter high and 10 meters wide, it is one of the biggest murals in Stockholm, and if not the biggest it is certainly the tallest.

Julia said:After gaining an insight into different cultures and homes during my journey, I began to think about the importance of what a home really is. A house or physical place may not make a home, but the ones you have around you do. To think that my artwork could be a meeting place for the neighborhood and passers-by, where they can stop in everyday life, therefore feels very nice.”

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