Idamaria Holmqvist in Frihamnen

In 2019 we did the first project together with Stockholms Hamnar in what we hope will led to a new artist in residence. The first project was done together with the amazing Idamaria Holmqvist, who painted two houses next to each other. The larger of the two paintings, according to Ida-Maria, moves from the center of the earth to the end of the atmosphere. The viewer can see, among other things, lava, earth, stone, water, forest, mountains and sky. In the middle of the artwork, a flower spreads.

Idamaria explains: “The two paintings are similar to each other, but are made from different angles. The larger one is more from the side while the other is from the top.”

We are very proud of this project, and are looking forward to what the future will bring together with Stockholms Hamnar!

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